jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

Final reflexion

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  1. I agree that we had a good time!
    It was a very enjoyable class and the group was wonderful!!

  2. Cami :)
    What a nice reflection! It is true that at Liceo there is a very friendly atmosphere,which is sth we do not find everywhere,we mean, in other teachers training colleges :)

    happy winter holidayssssssssss!!! uijuuuuu

    See you around.
    Vanesa and Luz*

  3. Hi Cami! I agree with you. It was an enjoyable class where not only did we learn a lot, but also we made friends and passed a very good time.

  4. Hi Cami! You're right!We're finishing the present term. It has been a pleasure to share our class with you and the girls! We've learnt a lot. And classes went smoothly. Hope to see you next term! love.